I'm Engaged Now What?! Part II (Guest Post from Jazmyn of Moore's On The Move)

5. Decide on a Budget. This may mean talking to your parents, your fiance, or determining how much money you want to save each month towards your wedding. It may mean some combination of all three! There are a ton of online resources on wedding budgets - my favorites come from A Practical Wedding. It’s really important to look at pricing (especially in the locale in which you plan to wed) to help grasp what weddings cost!

6. Decide on priorities. Have you always dreamed of a fancy designer gown? Are you a foodie with high culinary expectations? Do you love dancing? Always wanted to get married in a castle? Decide on what your priorities will be for the wedding and allocate the funds appropriately. For us, that meant spending less money on decor, and more money on things like a premium bar and a four course meal!

7. Sign up for Pinterest, follow some wedding-related accounts on Instagram, get some bridal magazines, and don’t make any plans without seeing what’s out there! It may feel cliche, but seeing lots of other weddings will be super helpful. It’s a good idea to think extensively about what you want for your wedding before making any big commitments (other than saying yes of course!). It can be tempting to make big decisions early on, but you should try to decide on a look and feel of the wedding before selecting a color palette, venue, dress, and other main aspects of the wedding.

The most important thing you can do after you get engaged is spend time with your honey and celebrate your commitment to each other. It’s easy to get swept away in the wedding planning process, but it’s important to prepare for your marriage as well! Take some time to read books on marriage (there are tons for engaged couples!), do couples workshops, and sign up for pre-marital counseling. Congratulations, and happy planning!

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New Beginnings (Eeek!)

Hello, Hello!  

This is a HUGE day for me!  Today is officially, launch day at The Fête Loft Event & Design Company!!

I absolutely love events!  I love learning and working with different personalities and helping to develop my clients vision and bring it to life. My favorite part of being an event planner is, dealing with the details… every single one of them.

I have been dreaming of starting my own event planning company for years now, but unfortunately fear and doubt kept me from moving forward. Most of all, I was afraid of failure. I’d ask myself questions such as; what if I spend all this money to develop a company and brand and I don’t gain any clients? Will there be a return investment? Is this idea an overall failure? Can I handle it? Luckily, with lots of support from my loved ones and closest friends, it was solidified that I needed to go ahead and make the move. So…I did! I have BIG dreams! I encourage each and every one of you to achieve your BIG dream, regardless of whatever fear is saying to you, because YOU CAN DO IT!  

So, again WELCOME to The Fête Loft Event & Design Company!  Join me as I experience and navigate this journey of stepping out on faith and becoming a small business owner, along with planning the most fabulous events. 

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I’m so excited to connect and share my passion with you!